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Web Design That Goes Further

Simply having a website isn’t good enough for brands today. Websites need to go further to attract customers and accurately reflect your brand and its services. At BA Strategies, we focus on three pillars of good web design.

Striking Visuals

No matter your goal, your website should make an impression. A strong visual foundation keeps potential customers on your site once it loads. Good site design makes it clear what the site is about on every single inch. It accurately conveys your business in the right light. If you’re a luxury brand, your site should feel luxurious. If you’re a fun brand, that’s how users should feel on your website.

User Experience

The experience your users have on your site can make all the difference between a quick visit and closing a sale. Good user experience goes beyond just the visuals. UX/UI focuses on how a user gets around your site. It makes sure that it is easy for users to find the information they want. More importantly, it makes purchasing, contacting or signing up easy and intuitive. In the modern era of web design, good UX/UI is what can best set you apart from the competition.

Optimized Content

Optimized content means getting your message across effectively and efficiently. Whether you’re trying to attract customers and users or search engines for ranking, making your site content clear and focused is key. At BA Strategies, we have a team of trained writers that go beyond making sure spelling and grammar is checked. We paint a picture in your user’s mind so that they are convinced that they want to do business with you.