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$299 Self-Starter Website Package

What's Included

  • Purchase of a domain of your choice (.com) for your business
  • Purchase and setup of 1 year of website hosting with SiteGround. The same top-notch web server I use for myself and most of my clients.
  • Installation and setup of WordPress, which powers over 30% of the world wide web. Also what this and most client sites are built on.
  • Design of ready to go homepage with a navigation bar, intro section, about section contact section & footer.
  • Email address for your site yourname@yourdomain.com.
  • Free daily backups of your site, just in case it crashes or you screw something up.
  • A video by me on how to add new pages to your site, some of my favorite resources, and the plugins I recommend.

Why am I offering this?

There are lots of small businesses that hire a web designer to get them online. But this can run well over $1000 for something truly well built. Others want to do it themself, but get stuck in the mud trying to figure it out and just give up. I wanted to do something to help those business owners get unstuck and get off on the right foot. The price is meant to be enough for you to finally take the plunge, but the end result is that you will have an online home to send potential customers.

Once I’m done building the home page, you will own EVERYTHING. The domain, hosting and WordPress site will be in your name. You’ll have my tutorial to help get you going if you’d like to build something more robust. And if you still find you’re just not able to commit the time, I’m always happy to come back and do more for your site for an additional fee.

Next Steps

1. Download & Fill Out The Credit Card Authorization Form. (5 mins)

This is just to allow me to use your credit card to purchase the domain and hosting, as well as to pay my fee (again, I want you to have full ownership). The costs are outlined on the form. I will only use this information for the costs mentioned.

2. Attach the Credit Card Authorization Form to the informational form below. Fill out the questionnaire.

This questionnaire helps me better understand your business and skip a lot of back and forth via email, getting your site up and running faster. I may follow up with more questions if I have them.

Upload A Company Logo (Max 25 MB) JPG, PNG and GIF supported. If you don't have one, leave blank.
If you have any high resolution images you own and would like to use, upload them here. If you don't have any, or the images are not high res, we will use stock photography.
Business Contact Info for Site (Leave Blank if you don't have or don't want to use a given contact method).
Preferred Site Style (Optional)
Preferred Site Colors (Optional)
Anything We Forgot?
Attach the Credit Card Authorization Form