Facebook Live Productivity Tools

Facebook Live: 7 Free Productivity Tools

Thanks to everyone who tuned in yesterday to our Facebook Live Video on Productivity Tools. Here are the tools that we talk about in the video, below. Feel free to add comments here, or on Facebook if you have any questions or have any topics that you’d like use to cover in upcoming Facebook Live chats.

  1. Asana – To-do lists on steroids. Really help streamline team projects, help you to juggle all of the various things you have to do, both personally and professionally (Free, paid upgrades available).
  2. Inbox by Google – For Gmail and Google for Business Users, this is the email app you need to have. Bundles your items efficiently, creates short auto responders and helps you respond to email in a more timely fashion. (free). Bonus from Engadget: I let Google’s Autoreply feature answer my emails for a week.
  3. Toggl – Timer for your tasks. See how long it’s taking you to do a certain project, or record a few days’ worth of work to see where you spend your time and how you could maximize it. (Free with paid upgrades available)
  4. Pomodoro Timer – Great method for staying focused and getting more done. There are web tools, browser extensions and phone apps so search for the one that you like best. (free)
  5. Google Photos – Unlimited photo storage space, sharable, collaborative albums. Need I say more? (Free)
  6. Hootsuite – Comprehensive social media management. From organization of your feeds, scheduling of your posts to curation of sharable content and analytics of your activity. (Free for up to 3 social media networks, paid past that)
  7. Slack – The ultimate communications tool for organizations. Sort everything in to conversations that are highly searchable with tons of app integrations, set reminders for tasks and much more. (Free with paid upgrades available)